December 2015

Let it Snow Christmas Tree

A collaboration between Creatmosphere and Hello Wood, in partnership with King’s Cross

With the festive season upon us a unique Christmas tree has been created for Granary Square, King’s Cross. Made from 365 wooden sledges, Let it Snow brings with it a special message.

The sledges are a symbolic reminder of climate change: as winters become milder and weather patterns become unpredictable. Let it Snow asks us to consider the environment during Christmas, traditionally a time of mass consumption.

Measuring 11 metres tall, an accompanying sequence of coloured light and sound guides visitors through the seasons. You can also step inside the tree.

Built and designed by Hello Wood, with light and sound from Creatmosphere, Laurent Louyer (Creatmosphere) says: ‘Let it Snow asks for interaction and debate around climate change. What can we do at Christmas to change things for the better?’

A trailer for Lumiere London, 14th-17th January 2016, a new light festival for the city across King’s Cross and the West End.

River of Light 2013 by Creatmopshere

Image credit: John Sturrock

2014 - Ongoing

Proud Archivist: Permanent Lighting Scheme &
Art installation
Client : Cult brand

Creatmosphere is retrofitting the existing interior of the Proud Archivist restaurant and gallery space with a new lighting scheme. The design brief is to bring warmer light and controllable colours into the interior, lighting for the bar and shelves, feature lighting in the gallery and atrium and a new light atmosphere for the exterior space.


River of Light 2013 by Creatmopshere

Spring 2015

Playful is the Night: Light Event & Collaboration
Client: London Legacy

Light Follows Behaviour and Creatmosphere created a night of play in Queen Elizabeth Park for families and friends.

This project will be part of UN Year of Light Programming.


River of Light 2013 by Creatmopshere

Autumn 2015

Breathing Trees selected for Bristol Green Capital 2015:
Art commission over 2-5 nights

Street Art Producers Arts Agenda and Creatmosphere have proposed Breathing Trees for Bristol next year. The project is in ongoing development and is planned to be located in one of Bristol's beautiful Parks.


River of Light 2013 by Creatmopshere

2014 - Ongoing

Permanent Interactive Media Façade Concept for Jaguar: Concept design, research & interactive development
Client: Jaguar & Wash Design Creative Agency

Creatmosphere was invited as an Associate Artistic Director with Wash Design to develop a concept for a new interactive media façade for Jaguar's new plant in Bromwich.

Working with visualisers and designers Ooopart, Creatmopshere developed a concept and visualisations for the new façade. The scheme uses a a mix of high resolution screens and low resolution pixel (of up to 2000 to 5000 LED nodes) that would interact with video and sensors feeds from the factory during the day and night.


River of Light 2013 by Creatmopshere

2014 - Ongoing

Permanent Mini Holland Scheme in Walthamstow, London:
Creative Lighting Consultation and Events
Commissioned by GLA, Mayor Of London

What if Architects invited Creatmosphere to be part of the design and artistic team which won the competition to develop the Mini Holland Scheme in Walthamstow. The scheme involves designing bike lanes, locking sheds, parking and appropriate signage and lighting within the Borough to reconnect the bicycle network to the main 'cycle highway' of East London.

Proposal: Mini Holland Tender

River of Light 2013 by Creatmopshere


Transform your space

Lightsite is the result of a bespoke process that uses the medium of light to transform spaces into locations.

Aimed at clients that wish to promote a space, brand, event or even part of there organisation, Creatmosphere identify buildings and spaces that have a context for light or work within a space outlined by the client to create an installation that transforms the space into a Lightsite.

Working from the client brief, Creatmosphere use the medium of light to alter the perception of the space, drawing people to the area, generating interest about the location and so creating an advert for the client. In this sense Lightsite is the ideal PR tool.

To find out more about Lightsite and what we can do for your space contact us.



London Lightsite(s) by Creatmosphere