November 2013

30 November 2013, 6pm-10pm

Light Night Canning Town - A Free Festival of Light
Caravanserai - Silvertown Way, E16 1EA

This new installation concentrates on highlighting and mapping key structural and functional spaces of the Caravanserai. Using colour and innovative materials, Creatmosphere will be illuminating 21 different artist spaces and using light to create signage that guides visitors through an explorative journey. With literally no power on site, the studio's sustainable ethos of 'Better Light, Less Power' has kicked into overdrive.

Creatmosphere will also be experimenting with video projection on trees and our dandelions inflatable lights will increase the visibility and interest of the event from the street, highlighting the destination as a place not to be missed.

Website: Light Night Canning Town
Website: Caravanserai
Produced by: The Brick Box

7 December 2013, 4pm - 8pm

West Norwood Feast Christmas Event
Saint Lukes Church West Norwood, SE27

Now in its third year, Creatmosphere will be collaborating with
Jalarka Studio for it's annual West Norwood Feast Christmas event to creating a playful reactive gobo and colour driven installation.

Prepared to be festively dazzled at this great local event for West Norwood.

Website: West Norwood Feast

Hauslicht 2014 - Light Art at the State Museum,
Hannover, Germany

Creatmosphere is 1 of 10 Artists invitated to enter

Following an invitation to propose a light-art facade installation for the State Museum, Creatmosphere presented Vox Populight, an interactive sound to light project that gives a voice to the people of Hannover. The installation enables the audience to contribute to an audio narrative that triggers different light intensities onto the building. Two 'anthropomorphic talking trees' are used to create an interactive area, transforming them into abstract figures that appear in dialogue with each other and generates coloured light patterns onto a reactive mesh that is applied to the buildings fa├žade.

The audience, encouraged to interact with microphones and become part of an audiovisual show, will trigger new stories, sound and interactive light patterns into the trees and onto the building, as they become integral to the installation and a temporary new history for the Museum.

If selected, Creatmopshere's work will be presented as part of a planned exhibition at the State Museum from mid January to mid May 2014.



State Museum (Landesmuseum)

13-15 September 2013

Lumina Festival da Luz September 2013 - Cascais, Portugal

The Lumina Light Festival saw an unprecedented 500,000 visitors over 4 nights. Creatmopshere's presented Tidal Lights& Port which included 20 floating light spheres adrift in this beautiful seaside bay. With it's fair share of environmental challenges to compete with including the wind, heat , tide and seagulls, Creatmosphere created an unexpected presence in the bay to complete the 20 artist's installations that was part of the light trail.

Working with local fishermen and their family, Creatmosphere reached out to an underrepresented local community, generating unanticipated support and involvement in the delivery and maintenance of this installation locally.

Offical video: Lumina Festival
The making of: UTube


Transform your space

Lightsite is the result of a bespoke process that uses the medium of light to transform spaces into locations.

Aimed at clients that wish to promote a space, brand, event or even part of there organisation, Creatmosphere identify buildings and spaces that have a context for light or work within a space outlined by the client to create an installation that transforms the space into a Lightsite.

Working from the client brief, Creatmosphere use the medium of light to alter the perception of the space, drawing people to the area, generating interest about the location and so creating an advert for the client. In this sense Lightsite is the ideal PR tool.

To find out more about Lightsite and what we can do for your space contact us.


London Lightsite(s) by Creatmosphere

September 2011- September 13 (Semi-Permanent)
Each evening from dusk until midnight

Light Waves, Jerwood DanceHouse, Ipswich Waterfront
NEW Digital Platform

Creatmosphere has recently updated Light Waves with new lighting content to refresh the dynamic scheme that has been breathing new life into a neglected part of the Ipswich Waterfront.

We are pleased to announce the development of a Digital Platform where UK and International artists can create new interactive and non-interactive audiovisual content to be included in the scheme. Having presented to students at the local University Campus Ipswich, Creatmosphere is looking forward to developing new partnerships with the local students, artists, community groups and businesses. More information to follow soon.

To find more out about Light Waves read here.

Award: 'Highly Commended' - Lighting Design Awards 2012
Gallery: Light Waves
Press: Guardian Coverage
Info: Light Waves supports The British Heart Foundation

Light Waves has been commissioned by Suffolk County Council and Ipswich Borough Council in partnership with DanceEast and funded by Arts Council England and Smartest Energy. Read Press Release