Objects and materials

Light cloud

Light cloud is a floating light sculpture that uses the latest innovative light materials. It can be used in all types of interior and exterior spaces due to its versatile shape and size, interacting with its environment by changing colour.

This material was launched as part of the ‘Tent London’ event during the London 100% Design Festival 2008 and as part of a signage installation for ‘Light Up’ in Windsor during the launch of the Cultural Olympiad 2008-12.

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Creatmosphere uses electroluminescence with interactive devices and controls, creating signage, installations, objects and effects for light events or site-specific projects. It is a highly innovative and material that consumes very little power, whilst its versatility gives it incredible potential.

Floating light tubes

Creatmosphere developed the Floating Light Tubes for the Big Chill Festival 2007. The installation consisted of six 50-meter light tubes in situ on a lake.

The studio is currently testing and development this product for a larger scale installation in 2009. More information to follow shortly.

Light and Colour

Creatmosphere produces dichroic and colour changing light boxes and special projectors of standard or made to measure sizes. Using special diffusers, filters and lighting technologies, these objects work with light in new and imaginative ways, to create strong, colorful and vivid illuminations.

Lun’art Spheres

Using the latest in lighting and video projections technologies and fabrics, the Lun’art spheres can create atmospheric, abstract and suspended lighting installations. The spheres are unique and versatile, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and are highly transportable once deflated.

The spheres are available in a variety of sizes up to 10-meter in diameter.

See the Lun’art video


The Snakelight is a water resistant tube of light that can be used in a variety of contexts. It is an organic and sculptural object that is able to shape the environment it lies in. This product is available in a range of sizes.