The Studio delivers a variety of projects that provide creative light services to a diverse and high profile list of clients and institutions.

From light to architecture festivals or design and art events, our approach is site-specific, responding to the space and the context to provide innovating light interventions that we describe as the
‘Future of Light’.

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Horton Water Spheroid, Red Deer by Creatmosphere
Horton Water Spheroid - Lighting concept for the River of Light:
Points of View in Alberta, Canada 2013.

November 2014

29 November 2014

Letters to Cassopeia - Interactive Light projection
Client: Brick Box

Inspired by Cassiopeia, the constellation that looks like the letter M
(or W), this interactive, large-scale, live projection will welcome festival audiences arriving for Light Night Canning Town. Creatmosphere are creating a large-scale interactive graffiti lighting display that will projects words onto a building site for this years . The audience will be invited to participate by sending their letters to the Stars of Cassiopeia via text message.

Short Poems have also been created by local school childred and will be displayed throughout the evening.



River of Light 2013 by Creatmopshere

June 2014

Flow(s) Concept shortlisted for Peabody Trust Wandsworth:
Permanent Light Art Commission

Creatmosphere was appointed by Public Art Consultants Plan Projects to create a public light art concept for a new residential development on St John's Hill. Flow(s) concept was shortlistedby Peasbody Trust Wandsworth and consisted of creating a pathway to Wandsworth Common from the development. Exploring the concept of flows of people, water and light, colour and texture lighting effects are projected onto trees and from trees onto the ground and buildings to create a dynamic lighting scheme. A controllable lighting scheme provides different lighting states to tie into seasonal changes and special lighting effects for special events.

Proposal: Flow(s) Lighting Scheme Proposal

River of Light 2013 by Creatmopshere

30 April 2014

River of Light at Notte Bianca 2014, Florence Italy:
Non-permanent Installation,
Client: City of Florence

Creatmosphere was commissioned by the City of Florence to create a dynamic installation on the River Arno by the famous Ponto Vecchio. The project consisted of 24 large light spheres that floated on and above the water, responding to the flow of the River and the wind.

Video: River of Light, River Arno, Florence

River of Light 2013 by Creatmopshere

29 - 30 June 2013

River of Light: Points of View
City of Red Deer, Alberta Canada

2013 marked the 100th birthday of the City of Red Deer and to celebrate this the historic crossing point at Fort Normandeau became the territory and stage for a series of daylight sculptural and sound installations that aimed to create new Points of View for the community to discover and engage with their river.


The River of Lights: Points of View was commissioned by the
Central Alberta Historical Society for the Red Deer City Centennial.

Image credit: Brian Olstad

January 2013 - June 2013

Creatmosphere shortlisted by
Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

Creatmosphere was shortlisted for the creation of a new piece of public work for the Rose Kennedy Greenway, a one-mile new green belt located in the North of Boston, Massachusetts. Showcased during the Public Light Art Winter Light Festival in 2014, Creatmosphere proposed a movable, modular and scalable structure to transform different areas of the greenway during the 3-month festival. Combining reflective surfaces, light and sound to create a new community experience for Greenway users to interact with during the day and night.



June 2012 - February 2013

New Lighting Concept for The Marque in Cambridge, UK
Proposal for Future City

Shortlisted by Future City, a leading UK cultural placemaking agency, Creatmosphere proposed a new lighting concept called 'Light  Skins' to respond to the different architectural layers of a building, For the Marque building, this incorporated the screens, outside architectural walls, windows and communal spaces. Exploring the relationship between the different layers from a night-time perspective, the scheme showcased the building as a living organism, where a dynamic lighting would highlight the presence and activities of people in and around it. As a result, light and motion interact and transform the building into an active and ever-changing architectural living space.


Rose Kennedy Greenway

February 2013

Relaunch of London Olympia London

Celebrating more than 125 years as an iconic architectural events venue, Creatmosphere were commissioned to provide lighting services for brand agency KentLyons in a one day event for the relaunch of Olympia London.

Using 24 helium Light Spheres and 20 wireless LED battens all rooms were programmed to reflect the new Brand colours, changing from light blue to pink.

If you are interested in commissioning Creatmosphere's wireless spheres or other wireless lighting systems, get in touch with the studio below.



London Lightsite(s) by Creatmosphere

July 2012

Breathing Trees 5 // Urban Forest
Russell Square, London

In the run up to the opening of the London 2012 Olympics, Creatmosphere brought Breathing Trees 5 to Russell Square in London for five evenings. 
Breathing Trees is a synchronised display of light and sound that echoed the rhythmical qualities of the body creating a pulsating canopy for visitors to bask under. Visitors were able to Immerse themselves under the trees as they become anthropomorphic lungs of the city rising and falling to the sound of a beating heart.

Breathing Trees 5 has been funded by Camden Borough Council as part of
the Camden 2012 Summer Programme.


May 2012

Breathing Trees 4 / Árboles Respirando
Lima, Peru as part of the Noche En Blanco 2012

Breathing Trees attracted over 600,000 people to John F Kennedy Park in Miraflores in May, as visitors were invited to explore the space from an entirely new perspective. 

Programmed as part of the second Noce Blanco in Lima, Breathing Trees Lima was a seven night light and sound project that sought to take visitors on a journey through the park.  Working in conjunction with @24/7 Architectura, the studio re-developed the project to create an immersive night-time tree top walk alongside the @24/7 Architectura's non-permanent Bridge.

Gallery: Breathing Trees 4
Video: YouTube
Info: Noche En Blanco on Facebook

Breathing Trees 4 was programmed as part of the Noce Blanco in Lima 2012 and organised by Grupo Deliveri and the District of Miraflores. The project was funded by Cultural Centro Britanico.

Breathing Trees by Creatmosphere, Lima, Peru

July 2012

Lights at Sea
Folkestone Harbour, South East Coast

Creatmosphere joined in the celebration of the arrival and departure of Lone Twin's 'The Boat Project' in Folkestone. Floating spheres attached to boats playfully created a daytime display on the water appearing as 'Light at Sea' as dusk turns to darkness. Creatmosphere also casted light onto the iconic Pilot Tower and the railway bridge, highlighting the heritage of this well loved harbour.


Light at Sea by Creatmosphere

December 2011

Saint Lukes Light Up
Part of West Norwood Feast, South London

Saint Lukes Church and Gardens in West Norwood got its own Creatmosphere glow during the West Norwood Feast. This new people-powered street market brings a Food Fair, Retro Village, Artisan’s Market and Gardener’s Corner to this pocket of South London, in a monthly Sunday event that bringing life back to the high street.

Thanks to Purple Sheep for their lighting and controls.

Gallery: Saint Lukes Light Up
More Info: West Norwood Feast


Saint Lukes Church, West Norwood by Creatmosphere
Photograph credit: David Abra

November - December 2011

Digital Urban Forest
Molten Festival, Barking Town Square

The Digital Urban Forest, a reactive light, sound and video installation viewed through the glass of a 800 meter square retail space.

Transforming Barking Town Square into an ever-changing imaginary landscape, the Digital Urban Forest invited audiences to experience all the elements of the natural world by creating an installation that was both interactive and generative. Read more.

Gallery: Urban Digital Forest
Info: Press Release

Press: Mondo Arc (pg 78) & e-architecture
Video: By Kendal Kemsey

The Digital Urban Forest was part of the Molten Festival 2011 and was funded by London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, The Mayor of Londons’ Outer London Fund and The Greater London Authority.


December 2011 - March 2012

Wood Street Regeneration, Waltham Forest
Outer London Fund Round 1
Appointed as Creative Lighting Consultation

Creatmosphere join a multidisciplinary team led by East Architecture and Gortscott Architects and curator Ashley Mc Cormick, as Creative Lighting Consultant for the Olympic Borough of Waltham Forest Wood Street Public Realm Regeneration Scheme which is funded by the Outer London Fund.

Creatmosphere, with the rest of the team designed an initial festive scheme that plays on the diversity of trees in the area, makes coloured intervention on new lighting columns and gobos projectors where artwork has been created by the community. The festive stage of the project is being seen as a testing bed for future permanent interventions that will be happening in 2012.


Wood Street Regeneration, Waltham Forest by Creatmosphere

October 2011

Dandelion Light Field
Beckett Park, Northampton

Creatmosphere created a stunning field of Dandelions Lights that flew between 5-10meters in the air during the UK’s first dedicated Night Run in Northampton. The 1 and 1.20meter diameter, wireless controlled helium spheres, tethered on an illuminated stem has been designed to be reactive, where the colors and the patterns of light across the field respond to the wind.

Creating a large field of giant illuminated flowers, the installation covered a 8000m2 park space flying 10meters in the air producing a large-scale dynamic visual spectacle responding to the local conditions.

Gallery: Dandelion Light Field

The installation was part of a Cultural Olympiad Event, Night Run Northampton, and was funded by Arts Council England and supported by Northampton Brough Council.

September 2011- September 13 (Semi-Permanent)

Light Waves, Jerwood DanceHouse, Ipswich Waterfront
Interactive light, video and sound installation

Light Waves is a large-scale interactive light, sound and video installation at Ipwsich Waterfront which was awarded 'Highly Commended' at the Lighting Design Awards 2012.

Light Waves situate's the Jerwood DanceHouse at the center of a new, vibrant creative district by lighting-up the familiar space that spans from Stoke Bridge to The Mill. Emanating from the DanceHouse and moving through four buildings, Light Waves shines a new light on the area, by drawing on the latest digital technologies to offer the public a chance to choreograph there own lighting show.

Award: 'Highly Commended' - Lighting Design Awards 2012
Gallery: Light Waves
Press: Guardian Coverage
Info: Light Waves supports The British Heart Foundation

Light Waves has been commissioned by Suffolk County Council and Ipswich Borough Council in partnership with DanceEast and funded by Arts Council England and Smartest Energy. Read Release

Light Waves by Creatmosphere

October 2011

Nuit Blanche 2011, Montmartre, Paris

Creatmosphere collaborated with Sound Artist Antoine Bertin for his installation of 'Les sons du ciel de Paris.' The Studio was responsible for producing a 1.8m sphere where two stereophonic microphones outputted live sounds captured over Montmartre during Nuit Blanche 2011.

Gallery: Flickr
Info: Les Sons du ciel de Paris
Info: Nuit Blanche, Artist Page

Audio: Captured at Montmatre at the Event

September 2011

Mermaids by Moooi London,
part of the London Design Festival 2011

Creatmosphere is excited to be back at Moooi’s London showroom for a second year as part of this year’s London Design Festival. In response to an art project created by Marcel Wanders, Moooi's Creative Director, the Studio has produced an immersive water-based light and sound installation. The project welcomes a studio collaboration with sound artist and engineer, Gerry Kelly.

Gallery: Mermaids

March 2011

Ballantine's 12 - Art of Beyond Exhibition
Nettie Horn Gallery, London

The Ballantine’s 12 bar was created for the Ballantine’s 12 Art of Beyond event in London. Six international artists collaborated to create a premium and stylish bar that offered a whisky drinking experience beyond the ordinary. Different parts of the interior were designed by different artists - bar by Oscar Zieta, stools by Lee Broom, floor by Jovo Bozhinovski, glasses by Rolph Sachs and walls by Luis Galliusi. Fredrik Olsson, a prestigious mixologist also created a Creatmosphere cocktail made from a blend of Ballantine's 12 whisky, fruits and champagne.

Creatmosphere was responsible for creating the overall atmosphere for the experience and developing a light narrative for revealing the different pieces to the audience during the show.

Video: Ballantine Event

This event was commissioned by Arts & Co working with Synergy Sponsorship.

Breathing Trees 3

December - January 2011

Colour Waves
Commissioned by Bloomberg

Colour Waves is an interactive light work consisting of 26 waves of light cascading down the side of Bloomberg’s recycling facilities in Silvertown, East London. The installation explores the colour spectrum in light, where viewers will be able to see an exterior projection of bold stripes of colour that are dynamically triggered by the motion of the Docklands Light Railway which passes by very close to the site. The notions of giving and receiving and traveling to and from inform this work which builds in intensity and movement as a result of activity on the DLR.

Commuters traveling between West Silvertown and Pontoon Dock on the DLR will be able to appreciate waves of coloured light that interact with the speed and motion of the train. The patterns created will be dynamically generated transforming the building in unexpected ways.

Video: Live Broadcast Footage
Info: Bloomberg Philanthropy Artist Commissions

Colour Wave by Creatmosphere

October 2010

Breathing Trees #3
Art-ort Festival 2010, Heidelberg, Germany

Creatmopshere delivered the ‘Water Garden’ and ‘Hafentor’, a large-scale light and sound project for the Artort Festival produced by Unterwegstheatre Company.

The ‘Water Garden’ installation integrated light and sound to create a large-scale surroundsound experience. Visitors were enveloped by sounds of breathing and water to encourage them to reflect on the importance of trees and parks in urban planning. The installation also responded to the area’s close proximity to the River Neckar, and visually reconnected the Bismarkgarden to the river and its historic maritime past.

Connecting the ‘Breathing Tree’ and the ‘Water Garden’ installation was the ‘Hafentor’, a 6meter light arch constructed from 40 water tanks (© Kubik concept - Balestra Berlin), that were internally lit with the latest in wireless technology.


September 2010

Kvadrat - Cristian Zuzunaga | Squaring the Circle
Interactive Installation by Digital Tea Collective
(Audio Architecture, Creatmosphere & Shroom Studio)

The Digital Tea Collective returns to the London Design Festival with a site-specific installation commissioned for the Kvadrat launch of Cristian Zuzunaga’s latest textile collection. The installation explores how digital images are composed and their potential for abstraction, when seen from different points of view. The installation is interactive and responds to motion and proximity, encouraging viewers to explore digital imagery through a visual and physical experience.

Digital Tea is an interactive design consultancy formed between 3 studios, each with a unique interpretation of digital technology. Visual and aural elements are augmented with digital technologies to create new spatial experiences through sound, lighting and projection, defined by human stimulus.

September 2010

Moooi & Senso Launch Event
Part of the London Design Festival 2010

In collaboration with Shroom Studio, Creatmosphere produced a light show for the launch of the moooi and Senso UK showrooms during the London Design Festival 2010.

Using the latest digital technologies in 3D video mapping the installation saw animated objects and patterns from the Moooi and Senso collection projected onto the facade of the White Building, Portobello Dock, London.

Video: Moooi & Senso launch showreel
Gallery: Moooi & Senso Launch Event

Photography: Elizabeth Molin

August 2010

Sources & River of Light
Public Art Commission, Bow River, Calgary, Canada

Creatmosphere brought awareness to the Bow River through a series of river-based installations along a 7.5km stretch of water as part of 'Celebration of the Bow RIver' festival.

‘Sources’ consisted of a ‘Light Matrix’ of 28 spheres on a lagoon that created patterns of colour and light mapped to data gathered on the flow, quality, demand and water cycle of the Bow River. ‘Daylight Spheres’ were also clustered on the peripheries of some islands and a ‘River of Light,’ a large-scale lighting installation along the 7.5km stretch of 500 free-floating spheres. Watched by thousands of people, pixels of coloured light emphasised the rivers flow, beautifully mapping the river at night.

The River of Light was recognised in the top 50 outstanding public art projects during the Public Art Network Year for 2010.

Award: '50 outstanding public art projects ' in the Public Art Network Year for 2010, Americas
Info: Public Art Catalogue
Press: Calgary Journal Article
Gallery: Sources & River of Light & Flickr

This commission was funded by the City of Calgary, Canada

River of Light
Photograph credit: Michael Magnan

May 2010

Collect 2010, Craft Council at Saatchi Gallery

Creatmosphere produced a new signage installation at the Saatchi Gallery for John Morgan Studio, the graphic and identity designers for the annual Craft Council event, Collect 10.

The project brief was to number each of the exhibition rooms and direct people around the gallery using a 'device' that would not make contact with the gallery walls or ceilings. Using helium filled spheres and lightweight numbers and arrows, Creatmosphere created 27 signage clusters across the three floors of the gallery.

Bow River

April 2010

The Light Trail on Regent's Canal,
Reveal Festival, King's Cross, London

Creatmosphere turned on the lights to a normally unlit part of London, creating a light trail along a stretch of the Regent’s Canal. Working with British Waterways, Camley Street Natural Park and Granary Street Mooring, the light path created connections between the canal's historical infrastructure, architecture and surrounding natural spaces.

For the first time, Creatmosphere worked within a construction site with National Grid and Balfour Beatty who are involved in the King's Cross Central development by lighting up a temporary pontoon on the canal. View here for the press release.
image coverage of the event

Gallery: The Light Trail on Regent's Canal
Gallery: King's Cross Development
Press: National Grid
Artwork: Map of The Light Trail by Carmen Torrecillas

Reveal Festival was produced by Create KX, more information about the festival on

April 2010

Nash Conservatory - Participative Workshop Installation
Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew

Creatmosphere was commissioned by Kew Gardens to develop an installation over 16 days within the Grade II listed Nash Conservatory. The project involved participative workshops that explored the basic principles of bio diversity as children helped to create a forest.

The installation responded to the light, spatial characteristics and architecture of the Nash Conservatory, where elements of daylight mapping, shadow, reflection, airflow, and colour were brought together to interact with the artwork created by the children. Dichroic filters were also placed on the conservatory windows, creating coloured patterns of light as daylight moved through the space.

Gallery: Nash Conservatory


February 2010

A Pier Appear(s) - The Tiger Lucky Eight
West Pier, Brighton

Creatmosphere produced a one night spectacular for the city of Brighton by lighting up the charred remains of the iconic West Pier. Using 3D mapping
and the latest laser technologies, laser drawings were created on the remaining structure to make it appear and disappear on the horizon.

Gallery A Pier/Appear(s)
Press: Mondo Arc & Creative Review
Video: A Pier/Appear(s) Showreel

Creatmosphere was commissioned by Tiger Beer to launch Tiger Lucky Eight,
a unique series of collaborations across the UK in celebration of the
Chinese New Year.

Photography: Dany Carlyle

Lumiere, A Celebration of Light


Creatmosphere Studio included in the
International Lighting Design Index 2010

The International Lighting Design Index was launched at Luminale 2010, Frankfurt.

Studio Creatmosphere was selected to be included in the first publication of this kind, an index that collects lighting innovators and leading heads together. This useful index allows the light industry, contractors, project developers, local councils, landscape planners and interior designers, scenographers and design agencies to find interesting project partners.

To purchase your copy visit avedition
Info: Luminale

The index was produced in collaboration with Helmut M. Bien (Curator Luminale), Markus Helle (Highlight Magazine) and avedition publishers.

International Lighting Design Index

December - January 2010

Lumiere, a celebration of light
Royal Horticultural Society Light Trail, Wisley Gardens

Creatmosphere was commissioned by the Royal Horticulture Society to create a winter light trail for visitors at Wisley Gardens over 4 weeks during the festive period. A total of 18 installations, some dynamic and interactive, transformed the gardens natural landscape and architecture with light.

Highlights included the Greenhouse, Laboratory, Canal, an electroluminescent tree and a festive bauble tree at the entrance of the gardens.

Gallery: Lumiere, A Celebration of Light

Photograph: Carol Drew

Lumiere, a celebration of light...

November 2009

'Flux' - Lumiere, a Festival of Light for Durham

Creatmosphere was commissioned by Artichoke to produce an ambitious large-scale installation on the River Wear, Durham, as part of the Lumiere light festival that attracted an estimated 75,000 to the city of Durham.

The 'Flux' installation was a rediscovery of the rivers historical heritage along a 1k walk on the riverbanks where the mills, weirs, and bridges were reconnected in light.

Artistic Director Laurent Louyer also appeared as part of a Sky Arts Documentary of the festival which was broadcasted during December 2009. See Sky Arts for further details.

Gallery: Flux
Press: Guardian coverage of the event

Lumiere, Durham, 2009, produced by Artichoke in partnership with Sky Arts
Photograph: Andrew Matthews

Flux, Lumiere Light Festival

September - November 2009

Stratford Shoal - Light Artist Consultant

Creatmosphere joined a multidisciplinary team led by Studio Egret West (SEW) and included Gross Max Landscape Architect as Light Artist for the regeneration of Stratford Island. Creatmosphere provided consultation on the initial overall feature lighting scheme for Stratford Island and provided innovative lighting concepts and designs for the Shoal, a kinetic tree sculpture, which formed part of the overall tree and water scheme concept that the team came up with.

In November 2009, Creatmosphere, Inflate and SEW organised a community consultation event for Stratford island on Meridian Square. An inflatable space illuminated through controllable lighting unveiled the proposed architectural model for Stratford to the public.

Info: Lighting Design Concepts for the Stratford Shoal
Info: Stratford Island

Stratford Shoel - Initial Lighting Conepts by Creatmosphere

September 2009

The Digital Tea Party
Tent Digital, part of Tent London 2009

Creatmosphere, Audio Architecture and Shroom Studios presented 'The Digital Tea Party' during Tent Digital 09, a new exhibition for Tent London 09, celebrating the best of digital and digitally-enabled design.

The Digital Tea Party is a dynamic installation of immersive media, referring to the house of the future. It explores digital tracking and computer technology to control our local environment through interaction with lo-fi inanimate objects.

Video: Digital Tea Party

June - July 2009

The Light Cube
Heidelberg, Germany

Creatmosphere was invited by Unterwegstheater Theatre in germany
to create an outdoor light installation for their project Artort 09, a multi-disciplinary public art project that investigated the central square of Heidelberg. The project included elements of choreographed performance, sound, large-scale projection and lights interventions.

Creatmosphere installed the LIGHT CUBE that investigated the visibility of public space. At night, the square became a large-scale cube of light created by the presence of the audience around and within the LIGHT CUBE. The installation detected the movement of the audience, illuminating only when the audience enter the space, creating an interactive motion-sensor installation.

Gallery: Light Cube
Info: Artort 09

The Light Cube

November 2008

River of Light
& community project, Windsor and Eton

Creatmosphere produced ‘The River of Light’, a spectacle of 250 Lun’art light spheres launched on the River Thames at night. As part of a community outreach project, 50 spheres were personalise by children from two local schools.

The spheres were fitted with different coloured light sources to create a unique and changing pattern of colour as the spheres drifted downstream. This event was accompanied by a sound piece created in collaboration with Sound Artist Gerry Kelly.

Video: River of Light Event
Gallery: River of Light

This project was part of Windsor ‘Light Up’ and was supported by Arts Council England and SEEDA as part of the Cultural Olympiad 2008-12.

September - November 2008

Windsor Light Up
Cultural Olympiad and Windsor Festival commissions

For a period of six weeks, Creatmosphere produced a light trail as part of the Windsor Festival 2008 and the opening ceremonies of the Cultural Olympiad 2008-12 for the South East region. Six outdoor light installations connected the historic Windsor Castle with Alexandra Gardens and the Windsor and Eton pedestrian bridge on the River Thames. Innovative lighting effects and dynamic illuminations lit up and animated the local architecture and surrounding gardens to create a unique night-time experience for Windsor’s visitors and residents.

Gallery: Windsor Light Up

With thanks to Pulsar Lighting, Anolis and Tapelite Lighting
Pictures by Andrew Matthews and Martin Pabois

Windsor light up

November 2008

Disko Bay, Greenland, Denmark
Collaboration with Sunand Prasad for the Cape Farewell
Climate Change project

Creatmosphere supported Sunand Prasad from Prasad and Peynore Architects and the Capefarewell climate change art project by supplying Lun’art spheres and light materials for use at Disko bay in Greenland. The spheres were used to delineate 540cubic-meter to represent one tonne of Co2, the average monthly per head emission of the UK. It was installed on an Arctic beach by a melting Glacier.


Disko Bay

November 2008

Light Cloud Launch, Tent London,
Truman Brewery

Creatmosphere presented the Light Cloud at Tent London during the London Design Festival 2008. A 100-meter colour changing installation was suspended in the industrial space of the Truman Brewery.

Gallery: Tent London
Gallery: Flickr

Light Cloud, Tent London

Installed since October 2008

Water is Everywhere
Blackpool Festival of Light, permanent scheme

The Warbreck Water tank ‘Water is Everywhere’ piece in Blackpool was commissioned to become a permanent scheme for the Festival of Light 2008. The installation displays a continuous dynamic water effect that is projected 360 degrees around the Water tank; it is controlled by an LED ring at the base of the structure to projects the movement and texture of water.

Water is Everywhere

June 2008

Crystal Palace Reappears
London Festival of Architecture, Exhibition Road

Creatmosphere produced a sample of six 1.5-meter Lun’art helium and electroluminescent spheres during the London Festival of Architecture 2008 at Exhibition Road. The installation represented the concept of ‘Crystal Palace Reappears’ by Peynore and Prasad Architects.

Thanks to Jason Bruges Studio

Crystal Palace Reappears

June 2008

Argent commission
for a signage project in King’s Cross

As part of the redevelopment of King’s Cross, Creatmosphere was commissioned by Argent to design an experimental and conceptual walking trail using the entire two mile building site.

Lun’art helium spheres were used as visual and geographical markers from the sky to indicate the open spaces that were being developed. Eight 2-meter helium and video spheres were used along with twenty-four 1-meter spheres to create an abstract piece of ‘sky mapping’ for people to follow. The event was document from the sky as part of a work in progress.

Gallery: Argent Commission

Argent commission

April 2008

Luminale Light Trail
Russelsheim, Germany

Creatmosphere participated in Luminale 2008, creating a light trail in the city of Russelheim. Based on the idea of exploring past, present and future conditions of the city, Creatmosphere responded to the environment with three different project contexts that involved public participation and interaction on a light trail.

Gallery: Luminale Light Trail

This project was in collaboration with Michael Eibes Studio

Luminale Light Trail

February-April 2008

Stratford Light Commissions

Commissioned as the first artist in residency in Newham to work on a number of installations to illuminate key public spaces and buildings in Stratford. A light path between the tube station and the cultural quarter was created using existing elements of the urban landscape in a new way; some trees, an illuminated plant wall, a parking ramp and a residential tower were lit using new lighting technologies.

As part of the Olympic Torch relay, Creatmosphere lit up St John’s church with a simple but dramatic colour scheme inside and out.

Light workshops were also delivered to local schools as part of an educational outreach project.

Gallery: Stratford Light Commissions

Stratford light commissions

February-April 2008

Breathing Trees 2
Switched on London 2008, Potterfield Park, London

The Breathing trees were installed in Pottersfield Park as part of Switched on London 2008.


Breathing Trees 2

February-April 2008

Ex Commonwealth Institute
Indoor Light Installation, London

Creatmosphere was commissioned to light up the dramatic interiors of the Ex-Commonwealth Institute for an architectural photo-shoot to market and promote this unique listed building.

Gallery: Ex-Commonwealth Institute

Photography: James Newton

Stratford light commissions

December 2007

Ex-Commonwealth Institute
Christmas trees installation, London

Creatmosphere used a simple three-colour scheme to light up five 30-meter London Plane trees visible from High Street Kensington and Holland Park over the Christmas period.

Ex-Commonwealth Institute

November 2007

British Library
Breaking the Rules Exhibition, London

Creatmosphere created an immersive large-scale video installation for the British Library exhibition ‘Breaking the Rules’. The installation responded to the scale of the main hall with multi-screen video projections and Lun’art projection spheres of 1 to 4-meter in diameter.

Video: Part 1 & Part 2
Gallery: British Library

This project was in collaboration with the Future of Sound
Visuals in collaboration with VJ artist Pablo Fiasco

Breaking the Rules Exhibition, British Library

November 2007

Waterpoint, Arrivals Event
Kings Cross

Creatmosphere was commissioned by Create KX to create a site-specific, light and video installation at an ancient Waterpoint and at Camley Street Natural Park. This project was presented as part of the opening of the new Eurostar terminal at Saint Pancras International Station, during the cultural arts event ‘Arrivals’.

Video: Waterpoint Event
Gallery: Waterpoint

Project was financed by London Cross Rail, Eurostar and Arts Council England

Waterpoint, Arrivals Event

August 2007

Big Chill Festival 2007
Eastnor Castle, Herefordshire

Creatmosphere was commissioned by the Big Chill Festival to create an installation on a lake that is at the heart of the festival. Creatmosphere product the ‘light tube’ were used for this installation which saw vibrant coloured light tubes stretched across the lake.

Gallery: Big Chill Festival 2007

Big Chill Festival 2007

December 2006

Glow International Light Festival, 2006

Creatmosphere created a series of lighting installations under the archways of Newcastle City for the Glow Festival 2006. Exploring the themes of transition and passage, railway arches and their surrounding areas were made interactive and dynamic by the passing public.

‘Light’ workshops were also presented involving participation from the public.

Project was organise by NVA arts consultants and financed by NewcastleGateshead.

Glow Festival 2007, Newcastle

21 - 24 September 2006

Light 06
Part of 100% EAST, London Design Week

Creatmosphere curated a lighting exhibition at the Trumen Brewery, selecting 20 international light pieces to showcase Light 06. The exhibition brought a number of young and emerging light artists together to promote new designs and inventions within the industry.


Light 06 was produced in association with Jimmy MacDonald, Director of
100% East.

Light 06

August 2006

Big Chill Festival 2006
Eastnor Castle, Herefordshire

Creatmosphere was commissioned by the Big Chill Festival to create an installation on a lake that is at the heart of the festival. A total of 12 Lun'art spheres were installed creating dramatic impact on the landscape during the day and night.

Gallery: Big Chill Festival 2006

Big Chill Festival 2006