What we do

Creative Lighting Consultancy

Extensive research into light related materials and investigating new ways of using emerging lighting technologies allows the Studio to provide unique specialist consultancy to clients as diverse as architects, urban planners, designers, scenographers, events producers, curators and other educative bodies.


Often ephemeral, but also permanent and large scale, the installations the Studio produces are as diverse and exploratory as the project context allows. The aim is to encourage the viewer to both reconsider an environment through the way in which our installation illuminates it, and to reconsider the nature of light and its application.

We are excited about educational outreach programmes and we often support them through workshops and seminars, which we run parallel to our projects. 

What we do


Creatmosphere provides lighting installations and production services for art, design, and other creative and corporate events or private themed parties.

Public Art

Creatmosphere works with a diverse range of arts consultants, programmers and curators to deliver and participate in new commissions. This has included permanent installations in the context of regeneration around the UK and Europe.


Creatmosphere has experience curating and commissioning light artists and continues to develop curatorial activity and consultancy for a diverse range of festivals and light related projects.